Arc-V when?

Anyone knows when Arc-V comes to DL?


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Arc-V when?
Arc-V yes.
In September. Most likely, this year.
In About 3 days
its confirmed july 28th check here
The dataminers already found information about Arc-V and pendulum, so I'm pretty sure it will come soon. Late September or October is still possible.
they usually make their big announcements a couple of months before the end of the year. probably not going to be arc v this year though, so maybe next?

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Will the monster zone & spell traps cards zone increase when V-Rains comes?

what do you guys think? Links summoning definitely will have DL get at least 2 more monster zones...


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What's the name of the card?

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Cards that can search a field spell?

is there any card that can search a field spell?

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Won't be until we get Z-One (the character), I think Besides, dunno why you comment as if...
I'm more surprised with Fire Kings tbh Also, Harpie being still tiered that high is ridic...
Yeah, this card is kinda busted. Its first effect is not only usable in either player's t...
??? This card's effect is OPT and requires sacrifice, how the heck you still couldn'...
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