What's the name of the card?

It's a very old Fusion monster and it completely shuts down opponents plays. I think it's a DARK monster and has between 2k and 3k ATK.

I can't remember the name and I can't find it in-game. Does anyone know?


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What's the name of the card?
You're welcome :)
OMG, that's it. Thank you very much. I guess I was wrong on the attribute (it doesn't look like EARTH at all). And its effect is less powerful than I remembered. But that's the card I was looking for.

The name is "The Last Warrior from Another Planet"

- Sincerely YEET
Thanks for the help. It's none of those cards and I couldn't find it in the database. Maybe I'm wrong about the attribute or it even had more than 3k ATK.

I guess I have to look through all Fusion monsters if I want to find out. That sucks...
Why not looking through the Yugioh database?

I couldn't find anything that shuts down opponents plays and is very old. The closest things I could find were King Dragun, Dark Balter the Terrible and some Destiny Heroes. But those should be all in the game.
then it's not in the game. use your brain; it's not released yet because it's broken ... ''shuts down opponents plays''.

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Im fine with necroface being limited 1 though. Currently metaphys can be OTKed with Kite Tenjo�...
Would be funny if Blue Angel gets a Skill that double Trickstar monster's burn damage XD
I'm happy for you. Leave Akiza alone.
Ya, that is from the Old Version Build tech and we have removed it from the page. Thanks for ment...
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