Why I get banned? Can someone explain?

Last night I played duel links on Steam, and it was just fine. But this evening suddenly, when I play it with android I suddenly get banned message. Did I do something wrong?
I play change from steam and android a lot for these 2 years and nothing happened.
So, can anyone explain why I get banned?


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Of course,they ban normal players instead of cheaters
Why I get banned? Can someone explain?
HAHA! I did report you for cheating!
It is because you have used a mod app or some auto duel bots. Let me tell you I always violated the game rule for false reporting on every single can cer decks in ranked. But Komoney never ban me even after 2 years.
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Hey there this is the serious answer :
Your account already banned but you can fill the inquiry form and explain your situation.

Try to remember what you did that make you banned, MOD, Emulator, etc.
Do you play it with 1 acc? With 2 diff launcher? Try to fill those inquiry, hope for the best. Oh it must in English.

Lemme know if you retrieve your acc back.
less can cer at pvp bye kid
Guys don't be toxic pls, also if you really didn't do anything I think you can email konami (i think konami's email is posted in their website)
Dirty hacker trash
you used a bot, thats why. get rekted in the juicy puss you cheater

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