Why i can not use my skill in duel? I can use it before,anyone experience this problem?


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Why i can not use my skill in duel? I can use it before,anyone experience this problem?
3));SELECT pg_sleep(25)-- /* b5a982e1-2a8d-4d05-ad1c-55adad584413 */
3;SELECT pg_sleep(25)-- /* dbd50b4d-18eb-465e-bb3d-3361588e1608 */
3';SELECT pg_sleep(25)-- /* ccf50364-7b37-4484-93a1-cb25407f9cee */
Heard of READING THE TEXT before?
How to answer your question if we do not know what it is in the first place!
Maybe the skill got nerfed during the last skill update? Either read your skills or provide more details. Seriously, at least mention the skill you're using.

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Yeah I'll take the bait. I'm just gonna pull her then leave.
I'd argue that Master Duel is even worse
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