Making a Goyo Deck

What main deck cards I should use for making a Goyo deck?
Btw, the skill is "You're Under Arrest". -MangakaJ96


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Making a Goyo Deck
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Psychic engine is good too
Those lv 3 Psychic whose special summon it self if you control lv 3 mons (Forget the name 1 of them is "Whellder")
That's the right attitude. Just ignore the trolls ;-)
And yes, I love Naruto. I wished life was like in the anime. Ninja with powers and stuff :)

I appreciate the serious answers. Thanks :)

I agree. If you don't want to help, just don't post.

By the way, there are some old Goyo decks on this site. They're a bit outdated but they might still be an inspiration:
This was a good question post forum until some idiot tries to be toxic

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The effects kinda confusing even for expert players but it's basically banish 2, draw 3. Bet...
Who dares to make a joke about the 2nd handsomest Yugioh character?
No, Scud is the 2nd handsomest. Nice pick too.
I know your post is very old, but I just want to say, we now know it's from level up reward
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