Super Soldier Serum

Is this card going to be available somehow again?


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Super Soldier Serum
There are two possibilities:
1) OP is a troll
2) OP mixed up something and they meant another "Super Soldier" card.

If 2) is the case, check out the Fortress of Gears box. SS Rebirth, SS Shield and SS Soul is in that box. SS Synthesis can be found at the card trader.

Note that Black Luster Soldier - Super Soldier is only available through a skill (Pathway to Chaos).

All other "Super Soldier" cards are not in the game currently.
What do you mean "Somehow again"?
That card did not exist in the first place
i can shoot this white sticky serum mmmmm
I think OP is on some Marvel syndrome
There exists no such card. This is a Yu-Gi-Oh! game. Not a Marvel game.

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Long awaited xDDDDDDD
Every game is this deck just ban this deck
Card is actually decent in stall/rogue decks against current meta decks that activates 10+ monste...
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