i think i play with hacker? obelisk (god card)

i use obelisk the terrorist in duel but he die for trap card (Blast with chain). But obelis effect say he dont care for enemy card effect??? i think enemy is cheated! how for report hacker? thanks for help me


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i think i play with hacker? obelisk (god card)
Obelique the tormenter
probably he attacked something with at least 3600 atk before blast with chain, so they either crashed or got run over
Effect: "This card doesn't care about other cards because it is too badass."
The OP is not giving enough info for us Detective to give proper answer.

What I suspect is that his Obelisk the "Terrorist" attacked into something with more than 4000 ATK (after equipped with Blast with Chain) and he expect the Obelisk will ignore or negate Blast with Chain completely.
Wait a minute. Blast witch chain targets and Obelisk should be immune to targeting, right? Or did I miss something?
Stupid question gets stupid answers obviously
Lol idiot question, idiot player.

- Mangakaj96
Ever heard of READING THE TEXT before
Yea I think I see a terrorist when I see one.

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Long awaited xDDDDDDD
Every game is this deck just ban this deck
Card is actually decent in stall/rogue decks against current meta decks that activates 10+ monste...
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