Will the monster zone & spell traps cards zone increase when V-Rains comes?

what do you guys think? Links summoning definitely will have DL get at least 2 more monster zones slot


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It will remain at 3 because that is the ideal.
Utilize the trap areas when that happens.
Will the monster zone & spell traps cards zone increase when V-Rains comes?
Keep in mind that we play in a speed duel format, just like the one in vrains just without extra monster zones, just expect emz’ in the ends of the zones
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Ya it will be 10
It's very likely that they just add the two extra monster zones and call it a day.

The pendulum zones are a very different case. I guess we'll see soon what they're gonna do with them.
if you watch the anime, you probably already know the answer.
Vrains have speed duel format.
Which is exactly what duel links is, 3 monster zone, 3 spell/trap zone, except it has 2 extra monster zone just like master duel format.

What i'm actually curious is Arc-V, where would they put the pendulum zones? hmm.

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