Why are majority of the cards from the first 5 seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh during the Yugi/Atem era missing?

Duelist Kingdom / Battle City / Seal of Orichalcos


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Why are majority of the cards from the first 5 seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh during the Yugi/Atem era missing?
I think we already have all low level vanillas from the Anime
Yes, I do want those low level normal monsters. Them being weak actually makes it more inexcusable they aren't released. They won't impact the metagame at all, won't bring any problems, so they should be released.
Here's a proper answers:

For one thing, Duelist Kingdom has OP cards such as Harpie Feather duster, mirror force, pot of greed, exchange of hearts etc which can break the game.

That's the reason why this cards are locked behind skills for certain reasons.
It's not the majority. It's only a small amount of cards and there are reasons why we don't have them:
-Anime exclusive cards have a harder time
-Some cards are clearly too strong (Pot of Greed)
-Some cards just suck (you don't really want all those low level vanillas, do you?)
-Season 5 might be its own world
Because Konami likes to screw the rules
Why are you even asking the community when you can just email to Konami directly.

We are already at Zexal era and we are still waiting for Evil Heroes lol

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I know it's early, but I really hope they add the independent Ai, really like @ignisters
wtf you talking OP. There no such skill that was officially release with regards to what you'...
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