anyone know why shooting star dragon cannot negate chaos dragon levianeer effect to destroy 2 card

chaos dragon levianeer effect


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Same thing has happened to me. Definitely pretty cheap. I've noticed a few trap cards with destroy card effects that also don't let SDD activate its effect.
prob other banished td monsters are blocking ssd's effect
anyone know why shooting star dragon cannot negate chaos dragon levianeer effect to destroy 2 card
I have a feeling your opponent summoning levianner while using TD as its material from GY
Which mean the last effect to active is the TD'S,. It called chain blocking
Because levianeer has 2 effect (The owner choose one), also if it's chain blocked by another card eff you cant negate it.
There might be several reasons:
-A skill or effect hindered you from activating the effect
-Your toggle option was set to "off"
-Maybe some other effect resolved in the same chain and you couldn't chain SSD because of that
-Or maybe it's really a bug
nope i never use any effect,, chaos just special summon then activate it's effect my SSD effect cannot active and destroy to GY
Have you already used shooting star dragon effect to negate a card before dragon levianeer? If so, then you cant use the effect as its a once per turn use.

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I know it's early, but I really hope they add the independent Ai, really like @ignisters
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