Why can't I deck out raid duels?


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Why can't I deck out raid duels?
I believe the 10 turn countdown is to prevent people from losing purposely to get rewards faster.

Technically it's possible. But it's not a very consistent strategy and there is no benefit.
dude, you can deck out the AI opponent in 10 turns?
Why would want to use deck out in a raid lol. Dont want the rewards?
Also: You wouldn't get any points anyway when you win by deck out.
The 5 turn countdown is the hindrance to a deck out strategy
That would be a too easy win and besides, you wont get any much cumulative points just by decking out. Its a RAID duel so basically you would need other duelist help to win.

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Foolish Burial + Graceful Charity are dammit can cers. Deserved an outright ban!
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It is only fun when your PvP opponent uses a 30 card bronze rank deck.
Yes, there is no way they release arc v without pendulum related cards.
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