Which one is the Neos monster that can double it's attack points when attacked?

I played a game once and the Player had a Neos fusion monster that when it was attacked it could double it's attack points, going up to around 4000. Does anyone knows it's name? I only saw it once, and then never again.


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elemental hero core can double its attack when attacked , Vision hero trinity can double its attack the turn it is fusion summoned
I know the Elemental HERO Core can double its ATK when attacked. But I don't know any "Neos" Fusion monster that can do that.
... That isn't doubling the attack points. If it was it be at least 5000. You're probably thinking of one of the bad Neos fusions. Just google image it, takes like 5 seconds.
Like the other comments...yea right

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This is called dignity. But it seems that this concept is foreign to lowly F2P like you. Ther...
I remember when this card was announced without effect, everyone was thinking it was an "uto...
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