Why aren’t Lumis and Umbra at the gate?

I want to duel them to get their skill “Light and Dark” but I can’t because I can’t find them at the gate. If already unlocked them and I can play as them, I just can’t see them at the gate :(


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Do PvP with Lumis and Umbra, that how I got the skill.
Man I would love to duel these guys at the gate, they really should add them
savage lol
Get rekt kid haha
Someone's comments getting deleted soon :D
You don't need them at the gate to get Light and Dark. Just duel any legendary duelist and the skill will drop eventually.
Not sure. Wait until Konami adds Lumis and Umbra at the gate.
Lumis and Umbra only appear in tag duell tournaments as enemys :)
With 14 you are a little child.
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It seems your parents have failed in your education..
if you already unlock that character, then just duel with using that character until get the skill.

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^then such action would cause mass exodus from the player base. Then DL would be discontinued
nvm, had misread that the effect of Shiranui Samuraisaga, it's not targeting
You can't power creep Aleister
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