Battle between two 0 ATK monsters

Sorry if it seems like a noob question.

Usually when two monster with the same ATK battles (both in attack position) they will both be destroyed.

But I just discovered that if both have 0 ATK, nothing will happen. Can anyone confirm this? And, why?


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16days ago
Confirmed, Monsters with 0 ATK cannot destroy anything by battle, if in Attack Position, even another monster with 0 ATK.
25days ago
That is correct. Monsters with 0 ATK cannot destroy anything by battle, according to the official rulebook. This rule also applies to Speed Duels.
31days ago
Think of it like ATK is battle damage. Monsters with same ATK receives equal amount of damage and therefore are both destroyed. While 0 ATK mean 0 damage.
31days ago
because 0 ATK means harmless. You can't kill your opponent by smiling at them, for example.
31days ago
Yes, it's true that neither monster is destroyed if their ATK is 0.
It's just a rule of Damage Calculation.

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