Magestic star dragon, shooting star dragon and shooting quasar dragon

These dragons arey favourite and I'm sure everyone else is waiting for them to be released in yugioh duel links, it will make the game more enjoyable and I hope u add them soon.


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King synchro is answer for summoning shooting quasar/shooting star in faster way
when is it when do they come out?
Would everyone who can read well enough to understand that a vagrant for example has no money on them in c.b.d type area etc and even ritual which is any action that brings on the desired reaction stop acting like BASTARDS and respect every one on here is looking for SOMETHING SO DONT Call Someone a Retard for skipin a stupid deeetaaaýyyyll iiiiijjjooohhtttt
summoning quasar in duel links will be very difficult. I mean, duel links only have 3 monster zone and quasar need 2sync+1sync tuner to summon. it almost nearly impossible to do that in duel links. getting any combo with sync deck is very difficult in this game
yo dude,you think this is konami site?and beg em to release something you wants? what a fucking retard lmaoooooooooooooo
sorry mate. not anytime soon for these cards
This isn't Konami.

Also while afaik the previous assertion that you can't summon shooting quasar dragon in duel links is wrong (and maybe the tuner synchro thing, i don't know if there is some internal ruling that treating a synchro as a tuner isn't a synchro tuner) those monsters would be rather difficult to summon even in PvE.
This site is not related to Konami...

Anyway, don't count on seeing those any time soon except for Majestic, which isn't as good and can be hard to summon. I think Majestics could be soon based on pack content but probably not before Assault Mode.
Without a tuner synchro, shooting star and quasar is out of the question my dear boy
Nah never

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Release Sphinx
Are you dumb? I'm F2P and I can prolly clap your p2w @@@
Not every deck needs to contain a synchro monster
Chrysalis support is garbage
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