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I know the Yubel event just ended, and it seems like it has been here at least once before. How often does this event happen and when will it return?


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I’m curious as well. When will the Yubel event return? I was so close to getting the Yubel Incarnate card and then the event ended.
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in february 2020

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I need Yubel Jaden!

Is this event the only way to get Yubel Jaden cuz I need him but missed the event :(

what are the requirements of summoning gandora dragon of destruction?

i know the summoning condition on the card, i just wondered if theres anythong more i should know...

Auto build deck

Does the auto build deck only build one deck Cause whenever I use it it builds me a blue eyes d...

Can't duel with Isuzu ishtar from duel world and tea gardener from duel gate

It's fine in the beginning but can't duel in the middle game, if anybody know how to f...

Japanese Voices won't download Japanese Duel Links?

I use the Japanese duel links version due to the art looking good. But for some reason, the voice...

Supreme king Jaden and evil hero cards.

When will you do a supreme king Jaden and evil hero event. People want to get some evil hero card...

What stage does Yami Bakura appear?

If anyone knows, please tell me

Yubel event

Why Yubel takes so much time on his turns at lv40?

Ancient rules says you can only summon normal monster and my opponent summoned an effect monster

I have never been able to use ancient rules to summon my buster blader but an opponent of mind su...

Can't play Duel Links after phone update

I have a J7 Refine and after an update today (One UI/ Android Pie) the game won't load, it&#...


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That, I can agree with. Venom really needs a bunch of new cards.
Oh, looks like they already fixed it.
putting it as Blair's SR drop feels very random though
Not sure about Mai, but Paradox Brothers did duel Jaden & Syrus in the anime. Pegasus was als...
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