GX Characters?

Are there any GX characters expected to be added in the future?


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This is better explained:

ID0001-ID0099 = DM
ID0101-ID0199 = GX
ID0201-ID0299 = 5D's
ID0301-ID0399 = DSoD
ID0401-ID0499 = Zexal
ID0501-ID0599 = Arc-V
ID0601-ID0699 = VRAINS
ID0701-ID0799 = New YuGiOh Anime 2020
ID0#01-ID0#99 = KCGP
KC Grand Prix what will happen with it?
0XX = DM
1XX = GX
2XX = 5D's
3XX = DSoD
4XX = Zexal
5XX = Arc-V
7XX = New YuGiOh Anime
#XX = KCGP what will happen?
It takes two characters: Zane Truesdale (Academy) and Atticus Rhodes (no Nightshroud)...
Atticus maybe
otras más
otra pruba
jaden/yubel era el 115
existen como 47 personajes para GX en algunas imágenes de datamine.

60-75% son solo personajes para eventos.

Toca pedirlos en las encuestas
I don't know if Konami expects to add them. But there are IDs in the files for Atticus and another Zane and there were leaked voicelines from Tyranno talking about Blair.
Maybe Austin o brian

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I see our comments got deleted about the refund. Damn devs, are they really that petty. We didn&#...
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Shiranui are definitely the most powerful out of this group.
(Heavy Starter Skill) 3 Machina Cannon 2 Righty Driver 3 Machina Cannon 2 Karakuri "Nish...
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