Cruel obelisk!!!

Its effect says that: "spells, traps and card effects do not act on this card", then why "attack order" and "ectoplasmer" act on it?


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I see we have another person who watched the anime but never read the card text of the real version. Common mistake, but come on. Don't misquote card text when you're asking for rulings.
Egyptian Gods are immune to Ectoplasmer
Because the card text states two things:
1. When Normal Summoned, cards and effects can't be activated. Basically, your opponent can't negate his summon, nor use cards in response to the summon.

2. Can't be targeted by Spells, Traps or Card Effects.

This effect doesn't protect Obelisk from cards/effects that doesn't target, like WoD or Drowning Mirror Force.
Obelisk can not be tageted but Ectoplasmer
does not target thats why it works
Please read the text.

It says when it is summoned, then all card effect will not affect this card. In other words, the effect lasted when it is summoned only during that turn.

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