Best Character & skill for Ritual deck???

Hello everyone,
I wanted to create a Ritual deck to have fun with my brother (since he hates Ritual summoning) in PvP, but which would be the best option of Character & skill to go with for a Ritual deck???


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Thanks for the information mate!!!
It actually depends on what ritual deck your are building.
Most likely skill used for Ritual deck is Master of Rites 2 (Alexis) or Level Duplication (Yusei, Crow, Akiza)

There are some using Beatdown and I for once fought against someone using CA deck with Skill Zorc Appears.
Someone comments are getting deleted soon :D
Most likely Pegasus with Master of Rites

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Imagine playing antimeta deck but unable to climb high enough to play against meta decks
uhm yea Free Ace card maybe? Or it mentioned AS Roaming Event so it will be NPC
Is this Skull Miester on Steroid?
No, you will be surprised how easy this could be summoned. Just wait and see...
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