Can you trade cards with other players via yugioh Duel Links?

I am looking for the quick play spell "battle tuned" and it is supposely only obtainable via Pick - a - gift camapaign but mine right now doesn´t have that specific card so I am asking. Is it posible to contact other players via Yugioh Duel Links and trade cards with them hoping one of them has one of those?


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30days ago
keep dreaming
31days ago
There is no way right now, however, usually ranked duel tickets can get cards only obtainable from past events.
31days ago
Trade me haunter with machoke pls
Yes you can trade cards, you need to add the person's phone number and link it in the settings. Select that phone number and choose the trade option. It costs 500 gems for one trade though.
Sorry currently the answer is no at the moment

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