Infected Mail

When will Infected Mail be available?


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27days ago
infect my coochie :3
At least GameA deleted all those spam ridiculous answers
Blackwing in your area! KPOP4LIFE
This website does not belong to Konami and therefore, they can't help you. They even list ALL decks as "expensive", that's very misleading and malicious. GameA is a terrible fraud.
btw guys im f2p
And i thought the comments section is full of spam, guess all the pages in this site are all the same
Man even the autistic conspiracy guy knows about this that’s where that dork been hiding
Serious answer: We don't know yet
it will be available in the next mini-box
Nobody knows

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What is this blue eyes support called sage card that everyone keeps talking about ?
Elementsabers don't need to depend on Invokers to be good. Molehu with Elementsabers pala...
Well this archetype's gonna be useless after March 24th.
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