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When I normal summon i cant fusion summon with that creature that was normal summoned and another creature on the field. Can I not fusion summon with a creature that was normal summoned this then. Is polymerization required?

14days ago


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4days ago
To fusion summon a monster you need:
1. A fusion card (eg Polymerization)
2. Monsters that are listed in the fusion card.

Eg: If i want to summon E-Hero Flame Wingman, then i need to play a Polymerization magic card while also having E-Hero Burstinatrix & E-Hero Avian in the hand and/or field.
7days ago
if you're trying to use red eyes fusion you can't normal summon the same turn you use that, only set.
8days ago
Konami may print the cards, but Yugioh belongs to the players who've spent money on the game and kept it alive. The fact that this site doesn't belong to konami doesn't mean anything. Yugioh will exist even if Konami dies.
12days ago
You need polymerization unless it states the requirements needed
14days ago
You usually need Polymerization or another Fusion card unless one of the cards say something else.

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Uhm, in what way is this card broken?
Why is this trash SR?
I really don’t know why they’re persist in this way. It frustrate a lot of players ha...
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