how i can recovery my account if i only remember my player ID?

a thief stole my cell phone with a gun, I only remember my player name, I tried to recover my account on another device but it asks me for konami id, I tried to recover with my mail but I am not registered in konami how could I recover my account or I already lost it completely?

14days ago


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2days ago
Alakazam uses Recovery.

There you go. Problem solved
8days ago
I just don't get it. Why do people never bother to register the konami account?
9days ago
I don't even know why you would bother asking this question here. The first smart thing to do is report to the authorities regarfing your phone.
12days ago
Well my boy, what a very CONVINCING story you have there
12days ago
This is one of the most @@@ dramatic excuse ever heard
13days ago
fight the thief to get back your phone
14days ago
A thief with a gun did rob you and you're worried about your account? Seriously?

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I mean, sui.cide deck
How can this not be either normal or special summon. What kind of summon is it considered then ?
Just throw some glossy/prismatics on it.
Anyone else having trouble with the completion of the first challenge. I have a lot of memories b...
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