Wie bekommt man die Drachenpföte in Duel Links? Und die Ägyptischen Götterkarten?

14days ago


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1days ago
Why the heck are you not deleting the "answer" below, GameA
13days ago
hail hitler
14days ago
You know that this is an English speaking board, don't you?

And if you have to write in German, make sure that there aren't any typos, e.g. Drachenpföte. Did you mean Drachenrufflöte?

About the Egyptian Gods: Check the Spezial tab at the Missionen screen.

And other cards can be checked in the Kartenkatalog in the Duellstudio.

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How can this not be either normal or special summon. What kind of summon is it considered then ?
Just throw some glossy/prismatics on it.
Anyone else having trouble with the completion of the first challenge. I have a lot of memories b...
at 2k ... this is f**king OP
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