Blue eyes


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blue eyes deez nuts dragon
Red Eyes
You purchase it...
There is multiple blue eyes
So blue eyes......... Yeah
I actually don't know what you mean
Eyes of the Blue
How blue is your eyes
blue eyes my dikc
Behind Blue Eyes
Uhh.. what about blue eyes?

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Will alternative art DMG ever be available through a dream ticket?

I have seen that some alternative art HAS been made available with a dream ticket. Mainly DM and ...

New event battle not working

They a error saying scenario load error

Thunder dragons

Evening everyone, I like to know if its possible to make a functioning thunder dragon deck wit...

I have lost connection?

Why when i want to play ranked, the connection is always disconnected even though i'm using ...


When all card FUR HIRE released?

How do I get my duelist ID

My duelist ID I have but don't know how to get on new phone

About Max Levels of Duelists

So, the Max Level for Duelists is currently 45 for DM & GX, 35 for 5D's and 30 for DSOD....

is selecting a monster the same as targeting?

i know card descriptions are very specific and some monsters are immune to targeting. So my quest...

Will the Rush Duel arrive in five years to Duel Links?

Or KONAMI, will they launch something similar to Duel Links 2.0 or DL RUSH or Duel Links II or so...

presses/clicks not responding

I play the game on an Apple Iphone and I have encountered a problem: For the second time now, af...


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It's ironic because it's really the normal tcg that needs that rule since you're g...
We want these boys back, the meta is ready
How about sinister yorishiro?
Because Witchcrafters and Floodgate can easily counter Superheavy Samurais.
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