I thought this combo would work

I play White Stone of the Ancients. I activate Masked Tribute and it generates a Tiki, then i send both to the graveyard to Special Summon Masked Beast Des Guardias.

I expected Stone to activate from the graveyard during end phase as well for a turn 1 Masked Beast + Blue eyes, but it doesnt activate in the GY after tributing for some reason. But, as far as i can read, theres no implementation that it shouldnt. What am i missing?


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Masked Tribute rulings: After using this Skill, you cannot Normal or Special Summon any monsters other than 'Masked Beast Des Gardius' until the end of your opponent's turn.
The Skill “Masked Tribute” makes it so that you cannot special summon any monsters during the turn you activate it, except Masked Beast. This effect applies for the entire turn, not just until the end phase.

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