Obelisk requires tributes in Superconscious Duel

In Superconscious Duel, obelisk the tormentor still requires 3 tributes. Cannot be summoned directly

14days ago


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13days ago
The three Egyptian Gods say in their text that they must be Normal Summoned (not Set) by Tributing 3 monsters. Superconscious Duels merely "replace" the Tribute Summon rule, but card text always overrides rules.
14days ago
Obelisk and other god cards must be summoned in specified way. You can't just treat them as normally summonable cards.

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at 2k ... this is f**king OP
I think I'm happy with my deck choice for farming Yugi now. It's basically just Palladi...
Uhm, in what way is this card broken?
Why is this trash SR?
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