The card Phantasmal Martyrs, Could be a skill?

I ask because this card does not work with Speed Duel...


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It won't be a skill. No point. Phantom Skyblaster is already good enough to Summon Raviel, and Martyrs is a garbage card anyway, and always has been.
Scapegoat this card will never be a skill...

Phantasmal Martyrs, for it card if duelists ask for it (in the surveys), it may become a skill.
Destiny board does not work in duel links.
But it became a skill.

As a skill: could summon a super-"Phantasmal Martyr Token", that allows the special summon of Raviel. Or as three "Phantasmal Martyr counters" outside of the field of game.

Not happening, as much as Scapegoat never being a thing because it doesn't work in DL format.
maybe it will come with a "rework" like summon only 2 tokens. i is possible since they did that on crystal beast emerald tortoise

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the best deck to use in the special duels


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