Counter Trap Card "Dark Illusion" function

Quickly question, the card effect states that any effect (Spell,Trap,Monster) that targets a DARK monster is negated and destroyed, how come cards like Wall of Disruption, Burst stream of destruction, (to name a few) still goes off and the activation of the COUNTER trap card doesn't when those cards clearly targets a DARK monster card? How does the card function really? Kinda confusing..


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"Wall of Disruption" doesn't target. It affects all your monsters. Cards that target, such as Equip Spells, can be affected by Dark Illusion
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Just search and learn about some basic words in this game, such as 'target', 'negate', 'destroy',...
It need to TARGET the Dark monster, WoD don't target, same as Burst stream of destruction or Mirror force.

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The guy who posts: "..I feels more good when do poop than when I f4p". Is this clow...
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