Change of rules in future?

So the new box will come out and one of the card will be an accel synchro requiring 2 tuners to synchro.

When will Konami change the rules to 8000 life points and increase the monster and spell/traps zone to 4 to make summoning more consistent?


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4 zones? Is that a typo? Yet going all the way to 8000 lp, Like seriously why?

Also what accel synchro monster that's completely different from requiring 2 tuners.

Finally, what's the rush to change the format of the game pretty sure it took about 2 decades for the card game to add a new zone.
You know, Vrains will be in Duel Links in 2021 or 2023, so of course they will change field.

Maybe with a skill the Field Zone can be used as Main Monster Zones...
yep, i cant see it happening
never never never

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An earth tuner seems pretty generic to me TBH
This card is for girl on girl fetishes
bro this is very good support for shiranui, will be the new meta
It's not even an just making an argument, it's just flat out obvious that Declan (The g...
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