Does 'Unaffected by card effects' also count as 'cannot be targeted by card effect(s)'

Title says it all


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Cannot be targeted cards can also mess with mandatory effects or those who don't know/forget you can't be targeted. Always fun when an opponent is forced to target their own cards with negative effects.
They can still be targeted. And it is sometimes relevant, since not every card that targets affects the card it targets. Enchanted Javelin targets, for example.
They are very different.
Unaffected = you can still target the monster, it just does not care
Cannot be targeted = can still be affected by cards that does not target

Eg: You can target Tenkabito Shien with Treacherous Trap Hole, but he does not care and will not be destroyed

Eg2: Hazy monsters cannot be targeted but WILL be affected by Wall of Disruption
As you said, the title says it all. They are different!
A card that is unaffected by card effects still can be targeted by card effects, and vice versa.

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