Why can I not banish any cards from my graveyard?

I have the continuous trap card “Cry Havoc”. By banishing a monster from my graveyard, I can summon a normal monster, but each time I have played it, I cannot figure out how to use its effect. I have monsters in graveyard and a normal one in my hand to summon but I don’t have the options to do any of it.


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''You can >>normal<< summon a Normal Monster''

This means you can only summon level 4 or lower Normal Monsters.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a Normal Monster, but it wouldn't work. It can't be normal summoned, it requires 2 tributes.
Strange, normally you could click on the continuous trap to activate it during your main phrase

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Never entitled shrew
+ rainbow dark dragon
I've been underwhelmed. The cards are great, but I was expecting more.
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