Is there something special I need to do to get the lvl 40 versions?

I want to farm Mai for the amazon cards but I don't have the lvl 40 version and wasn't sure how to get it either.

23days ago


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23days ago
Lv. 40 LD available once you hit stage 30 DM.
23days ago
You unlock Level 40 duelists at the gate at a certain Stage level. I forget which, though. (Event Duelists can appear at 40 even if you haven't unlocked that ability, though.) So just keep going through them, you'll unlock Level 40 eventually.
23days ago
Wow, that was a long time ago for me. You're talking about at the gate right? I thought once you unlock a character at the (regular) gate, you get all level versions. I assume she appears at Lvl. 10 at the gate. Beat that and then the next Lvl. should unlock. If you are talking about roaming duelists in the overworld, that's random. It the higher levels don't unlock once you beat the lower levels, then there might be a bug.

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We need more of those thangs!
Yeah I'm so tilted, that's the best N ever lmao
what are you talking about? R cards are literally the easiest things to get. just need like 10-20...
I think it sucks cuz you spend a Normal Summon just to get him 2100 ATK. Even if you use Cry Havo...
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