How to set extra deck because i can't set extra deck

Extra deck


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If you mean extra deck for fusion and soon to be other cards you add them to the deck and they auto add to the extra deck (max five cards(five fusion monsters)). If you mean extra deck as in "side deck" there is no such thing as of yet in the world of Duel Links. I hope this helped!
If you mean adding things to your Extra Deck... Just add a Fusion Monster to your deck like you would for any other card, it'll go into the Extra Deck automatically.
You can not set anything but normal summon maybe tribute summon yes normal and tribute everything else will be placed face up

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Extra deck

How to set extra set? Because i can't set extra deck. Please help me.

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This game is bullshit
This game is bullshit
This game is bullshit
I had that happen too, so I reported them. Not that Konami cares though. I think out of 50 times ...
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