what packs do i get e-heroes from

12days ago


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7days ago
Don't listen to the trolls.

If you want to build an Elemental Hero deck, go for Galactic Origin main box. It contains the monsters for both E-Hero and Neo-Spacian decks.
As for spells, for some of them you will need to use Card Trader as well as spend some gems in the Generation Next box (e.g. Fusion Recycling Plant).
11days ago
land of titan
11days ago
Duelist Chronicles
12days ago

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No, I think the second Zane is a placeholder dor Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin you imposter.
You could also try farming Pegasus for his similar Rare trap (it's under 500 DEF instead of ...
summon one monster to destroy enemy, fucking pulse mine wtf
Plot twist, Alternative and chaos max next box. Blue eyes will rek you
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