(SOS) Stuck on GX Stg7 HELP PLZ

I cant pass stage 7 on GX because one mission tells me to use a trap card 3 times in a duel

What does that mean?
Use the same trap card?
Use three diferent cards with the same name?
Use three completly different trap cards?



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use 3 traps, any combo in one duel. Easiest way is to load up on easy use one time traps like inspiration, reinforcements, and unconditional ones like jar of greed, gift of the mystical elf, etc. Cards you can place, use and clear from the spell/trap zone upon use.
It means "use a trap card three times in one duel". How much simpler can it get?
Doesnt matter. Same . Different . As long as 3 traps are played in one single duel you're good
Use any 3 trap cards. It can be the same card or different or what you want, but must be at least 3.

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Ackerman sama! ❤
lol I was wondering why they added them straight to the regular inventory. Guess it's beca...
It cracks me up to see the little snowflake nit only reply to his own comments pretending to be s...
This game is poo gas
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