How to get Mai Valentine's Amazonian Card Bundles

How can I get Mai's all amazonian's cards ?! I mean can I get it without have to level up her to 40 or fight her on duel gate ? I'm so obsessed with her second monsters cards after harpie lady, got killed so many times on tag duel by her & I just kinda feel that having her amazonians deck is a must.


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You got some Amazoness cards from valentine gift last year.
There are some Amazoness cards you will not be able to get with farming. Like more copies of the Paladin (only via PvP tickets at the moment, one copy at Mai LV 40), Queen's Pawn was an event card too, the Village field spell, which would be the core and power of this deck, is not obtainable at all (although it's used by NPCs). So I won't bother collecting Amazoness.
Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure you have to just farm Mai for her cards. I’m not sure there is a place you can get it in a bundle :(

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Are you sure
Make CA great again. Un-limit the cards for the Kinky Alexis event.
Excellent. I need +2 level 12, +1 level 11 {Yubel}
*I mean Limited 1 for Lava Golem and Spikeshield.
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