GX World Stage 23 Stuck

The chsllenge is "Use level 2 or lower Monster Cards 3 time(s) in one Duel World (GX) Duel. I have created several decks with level 1 and 2 cards, including Ritual Raven, Winged and Sphere Kuriboh, and a host of other level one and two cards using a spare deck slot from Dr. Crowler ... didn't get credit despite getting a near deck out. Next I used a worms deck with the level 1 to 3 worms effects, also near deck out, definitely have used more than 7 of the low level worms, but still it doesn't give me credit. Does someone else have a deck that actually worked for this challenge?


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im stuck on stage 20gx using a lvl 7 or higher monster 3times in one duel also stuck on 5ds stage 16 using using a lvl 6 or higher monster 3 times and using lvl 2 or below monsters how to make those missions them count
Just use chazz and his ojamas...
I struggled with this because I kept setting them as defense which apparently didn't qualify as "using". When I normal summoned them it clicked off and I was done.

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Oh it’s definitely a casual brick fest, but at least Grass makes it somewhat “playabl...
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