Do you think they will release again Marik to unlock and Ra?

I have been playing this game for 3 weeks now


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i am new too, but I hope that those will be not an easy one to accomplish, since in the past, my friend spent much time for that
Try to wait maybe after 6 months.
Arriba la esperanza abuelita
Arriba la esperanza abuelita
Ra is gone that train is off
i guess they will both be available again at some point (marik would be added to the gate in near future), but i don't think ra will be obtainable for some time now. i guess it will be like pegasus who didn't show up for like 7 months before being added to the gate
I hope so. Yugi has recently been added to the gate and is unlockable.
I expect the same to happen with Yami Marik.

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cons : cannot be used anytime.
and fodder for a wing beat dragon.
Forget that lol if we get Marik I want Normal Bakura as well XD(I'm joking)
I just want Zexal and Marik That's all I really want Marik and to see what they do for Zexal...
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