Can't finish GX stage 21 fairy mission

I've using a mostly cloudian deck at the gate to complete this mission, no spells/traps, no non-fairy cloudians, but the counter hasn't gone up from 1/3. Am I doing anything wrong?


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FYI I use Paleozoics in all these types of missions. If I summon them as tribute fodder, the counter still goes up. But if I do any battle damage with them, the counter does not go up.
i use mix level 1-3 fairy monster only, no traps and spell using jaden yuki vs alexis lvl 10 and it works
I also had this problem. I just made a deck witch the highest attack lvl 2 fairy monsters and battled lvl 10 alexis and it worked
Can't edit...anyway tested it. Spells are okay even, its really the tokens. spells and only cloudians= +1 to the mission, summon token= no increase.
to expand: they are definitely fairy tokens summoned, but they aren't technically fairy monster cards. see if you win when you take those out/don't use them
this is only speculation, but the tokens might be throwing you off
I have been having the same issue, the mission itself states to use only fairy type of Monster cards to win three duels.
It would help if you posted what the mission is.

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