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So, I got into yu-gi-oh duel links 2 weeks ago, I'm trying to build a deck to go into PvP more seriously and I need Anti-Magic arrows, but after making a bit of research it seems the only way to get them was during the Roaming Arkana event which I missed, is there any other way to get that card? Or did I lost the chance to do so forever?


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you can get it by using the sr tickets given on the anniversary thing. if you've also spent them i'm not sure if you can get it from pvp sr tickets. still, the only two characters that are not in the gate in dm are arkana and bonz so you will be able to farm them in at most 2 months i guess.
u can get 3 with sr tickets handed out durning the Anniversary Campaign

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Yeah, it's stupid, too bad since the artwork is actually really awesome.
most Jurrac monsters actually hate being in Defense Position due to having lower DEF than ATK lol
It would fare terribly considering you don't seem to even read the cards you are putting in ...
......of course you have to direct it to attack where your opponent would be, which is behind his...
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