Jaden Yuki isn't showing up?

So I unlocked Jaden as a playable character as soon as I could, but he's not showing up as a person I can duel in the gate. Is there another requirement I'm missing or something?


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Play as a different character and go to the Gate, change series at the gate if needed.
Jaden won't show up at the gate if you are playing as him.
I can play him just fine, I just can't fight him. Problematic since I want to make a E-hero or Neos deck.
Switch to GX World to play as Judai.
you cant duel against him if you are using he in duel world...I can only imagine that?!
srry for bad english

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gozuki can at least be stopped by canadia and vamps actually run cards like econ very frequently
Sure. Glad that I could help you!
What's the f- point of having a xyz archetype without xyz...
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