What does this number mean ?

On one of my cards, when looking at it in a deck there is a number "1" in the top right corner, with a red circle around it. I'm not sure how it got there and don't know what it means..


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Those numbers are for limited / semi-limited cards. When you see cards with a 1 on them, only one of them may be in your Deck. When you see a card with a 2, two of them can be in your Deck. This works with for example a card with a 1 and another card that is different from the previous wich has also a 1. You have to choose between wich one you gonna use since you can only have 1 card with the number 1 on the deck.

No for real though, like the others stated already: that cars is limited, it means you can only use 1 copy of said card in your deck instead of the usual 3 copys you can have at max. You also can only have one limited card (of all the limited cards) in youd deack at a given time. check for more infos.
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It means that is limited, and you can use only on of those in a deck
That means is limited, that card can only be at 1 per deck.

(Check the banlist of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links for more information).
It means you are limited to 1 copy of the card in your deck.
it means only 1 per deck -

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