Old player returning- which deck best to build?

So I actually got an old account I had with Konami back when Valkyrie was the newest box out.... which is great since I just recently got back into the game.

Of course, I'm completely out of touch with the meta, and I'm not sure what to build/focus on since everything I had is old and.... needs updating anyways.

I apparantly have the gems thanks to the cumulative update and whatnot. I just need some advice in general. Thanks!


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16days ago
Fur hire even with the band it stil op
I think dark world could be op but cost is very high to build
It depends. What was the deck that you used before your hiatus?
lol people still stuck in platinum giving advice make me laugh (i'm KOG of course)
Agreed with Anon. If you're trying to build a strong deck with just one series of pack purchases, go with Galactic Origin. One full box plus two SRs will get you a crazy powerful deck, especially if you have good removal from before your hiatus.
After the ban list, top tier will be Gladiator Beasts. It's also free to play, you can build it easily.
Since 3sd ninjas and cybers are getting nerfed, gladiator beasts are a good choice for now + easy to build
Just build what you think complements your old deck the best for me i quit picked the game back up at battle city. For my URs I chose dark flare dragons. Ended up building a lightsworn chaos deck around it
Just don't. You will need to pay up a lot of money to get all the new cards to make viable decks.
i was in that situation, and in my opinion if you were a competitive player,there is no need to change your deck.....I play the acient control deck (rex raptor, order to charge) and reach platinum 4....

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Sure. Glad that I could help you!
What's the f- point of having a xyz archetype without xyz...
It would have, but Blast Held's anime variant had a different effect.
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