Is Marik Ishtar going to be an unlockable character in Duel Links?

Hello, I’m going to keep this quite short and simple. I read the overview on Marik Ishtar's profile info, but I spotted ‘ His Yami version is more likely to be an unlockable character to avoid having 2 of the same character.'
Wait does that mean Marik will not be another unlockable character?? A lot of people I know, including myself really want Marik as a playable character, not just his Yami. To be honest, same thing goes with Bakura. There’s a lot of people that want both the characters. You have Yami Yugi and Yugi? Sure they’re the main characters and all, but Ryou Bakura and just Marik are characters too. I really doubt the devs will be getting hate for having '2 of the 'same' character'
So if anyone agrees with me, can we try and get this to the devs? Thank you.


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I know that there was an event where they ask the gamers if they want new characters included (I still didn't have the game back then) and I asked mutuals who played it to ask for Ryou and Marik. I hope many other people did too and I hope we will get them!
Maybe normal Marik will be unlockable with Slifer... if they decide to make Slifer unlockable.
We don't really see normal Marik duel all that much outside of mind puppets (or his bff) so it'd make sense to make his iconic deck a bit Slifer based (as he used it as Strings against Atem and all that).
They have datamined profile pictures for Marik Ishtar which would suggest he will one day be selectable and playable. He also made a brief cameo at the end of the Yami Marik Part 2 event so he definitely will show up in the game either way. I guess the only question is what his skills/Ace monster/drops will be. Yami Marik already has Ra and Marik's "burn deck", and Ishizu already has some Gravekeeper's monsters. My guess is he would add additional Gravekeeper's cards (including Necrovalley) and maybe some skills that revolve around them.
Honestly, normal Bakura doesn't have a deck, and Yami Bakura stole his deck from some Battle City person
i agree with this
Hi. I'm Jace. It is likely. In fact, I heard that at the end of the Yami Marik event. Marik will banish his evil counterpart and be unlockable. I am Jace, always happy to help.
I have been requesting Marik Ishtar in every survey that I fill out. Based on the data mining images, I think that it is very possible that we will get him. It would be hilarious if he comes out with a Gravekeeper related skill and cards that totally break the meta, causing players who claimed that he shouldn't be added to suddenly start using him and singing out praises to him. XD
Another interesting thing during at the end of the current Yami Marik event, Normal Marik will emerge and banish his counterpart and his silhouette is going to be leaked after that it will show that the event is over.
Giving also the screen of that fragment, credits always from the dataminers XOF and/or Xellos.
Also giving out the tinypic with full scenes,
The dataminer XOF and Xellos showed that he can be choosed on the character roulette (the one where you can select the character you want to play as).
So yeah he's going to be playable, not only him but also all the legendary roaming characters are going to be in the future. Just be patient.
My 2 cents, this Duelist chronicles is going to unlock Pandora (Arkana) because it looks like you'll do just the 1st part of the battle city, last boss is probably going to be possessed Jonouchi, i think there's going to be the 2nd part of the battle city and during the end of that event we are going to unlock Normal Marik Ishtar as a playable character.

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