Unlocking paradox bros

One of the conditions for unlocking the paradox bros is to fusion summon twice in one duel...ive done this 4 times and it will not unlock the bros...what must i do?


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I would recommend having the card Jar of Avarice because it allows you to send five cards from your graveyard back to your deck. This is useful because it allows you to have some fusion materials and Polymerization back in your deck.
I'm done with that Quest but I think it more easier than Achieve 2 quick victory against Paradox Brother,,, How you do that?
Would reccomend Jaden and Fusion Time!,also put all polymerizations and fusion gates you have,then do best of your fusion monaters and their materials
Use either Polymerization or Fusion Gate to fusion summon monsters. It is helpful to use fusion material substitute monsters in your deck and defeat them at level 10 to complete the mission.
Use polymerization. Do not conduct a contact fusion cuz it is not considered as a fusion summon

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Our last office party,eat your hearts out you worthless plebs PS. buy our shit
Nah, there are better cards.
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