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Do you need 3 transformations for an optimal ninja deck with the high lvl ninjas or can you do fine with transformation x2?

I am wondering if it would be wise to invest in a third ninjutsu art of transformation.

Also taking Espa Roba into account if we may unlock Jinzo the anti trap.


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You can make due with 2, but 3 just adds that consistency. It's less about needing that 3rd one than just being able to draw it more often.
3 would be nice, however if you run enough notebooks to search for them you will see no difference. At the point on which you'd need a 3rd Transformation, your opponent should be pretty much dead
All you need is watch Narutos and your ninja deck is all set.
Good with 2. Awesome with 3. Worths the investment. Players can't get Jinzo
Honestly I only have one and it does wonders for me. So I suggest you get 2
jinzo is a non-issue for ninjas.their 2800 + they can banish him if need be
3 is the best

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so can someone explain to me how this crystal beast blue eyes deck is supposed to work
The prince is rewarding Ariel for saving him while she is nervously popping stinkers up his nose
The prince is rewarding Ariel for saving him while she is nervously popping stinkers up his nose
gozuki can at least be stopped by canadia and vamps actually run cards like econ very frequently
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