Looking for a practice partner

Looking to build an anti-CA deck. Can anyone help me practice?

Will share deck ideas with you.



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I'm also looking for wife.
Pay to win is cancer where got a deck contains 3ur
Use money to win or else juz quit it cuz this game is for pay to win
CA is.....stupid
There are currently a few options to run against CA, but you will have to understand there is no foolproof anti-CA deck. These decks *can* go toe to toe with CA but its always rng. Weevil Parasite Infestation with the multiple copies of the following cards: Floodgate Traphole, Kuriboh or Sphere Kuriboh, Mask of the Accursed, Amazonness Swordswoman and Massivemorph. Lava Golem is a must. Doomdog is optional. Stall, burn, make them waste their resources. Set a amazon sw and use massivemorph on an attacking dakini OR other ritual monster while dakini is face up can sometimes clinch the duel. Watch out for ritual cage though. Lost a stage 2 kc cup duel because I forgot. This goes toe to toe with mind scan decks, PI is very effective because of all the CA searching. making lava Golem easier to bring out but more importantly it puts pressure on opponents which can make them predictable. This deck does not work well against gladiator beasts.

Another deck that works semi well against CA is good old Beatdown REZD. 3x gozuki, 3x econ, 3x REZD will take you far. 1 or 2 AM arrows come in handy. Various traps to stall until the deadly combo of econ + am arrows. There is room for creativity.

Finally, P. Bros 3sd ninja. Required cards: 3x ninjutsu transform, 2-3 duplication, 2-3 black dragon ninja, 2-3 red dragon, and more >4*. Its ninjas. Often times this deck wins on turn 2 or 3. Very powerful and gaining popularity.
Hey man! I have the same wish. I sent you a request (Equimanthorn). I recommend you to join room 50 so we can debate.
Anyways, here is my ID: 288-837-771
I tried to write a comment but apparently this website doesn't allow large comments..

Anyway, I may a list and you can read it from here

If you ever need any help or you have a question just comment in here, I will be here reading the comments daily. I hope I can help you. Good luck

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It would have, but Blast Held's anime variant had a different effect.
Tried 1 witchraider in my harpie deck. Such a good tech option. Thanks for the idea!
Luna 226
The badge is for dueling 100 times not winning.
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