Toon Dark Magician Girl?

Pegasus is now a permanent LD at the gate, but does not drop Toon DM girl. I know allowing some people 2 copies of this card is too powerful, but for new players who has not gotten this card, it feels very unfair to say the least. Does anyone know if they are planning another star chips event to unlock toon dm girl?


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To everyone saying that giving some players a 2nd copy of this card would be too OP, dude release it and make it limited and gg
No and that's what you get for not playing this game sooner
Nah, fk Toon Dark Magician Girl. I prefer original Dark Magician Girl cus it has more realistic boobs.

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toon dark magician girl
toon dark magician
toon red eyes black dragon
toon ancient gear golem
are too op cards for toon deck
they cant make these cards free to collect 3 copies xD xD
konami please release toon dark magician girl
konami please release toon dark magician girl
Or they can just limit the card to only 1 copy. Like Champion vigilance
you probably need to wait til konami release the toon world event again and duel to a certain amount of points to obtain it. Since TDMG is powerful, the owner of TDMG from previous event wont get a 2 copy

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good againts the meta, BE Cosmo and HERO 50:50 againts vampire. easy win againts swarming deck a...
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn this game reeks from a mile away :(
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn this game reeks from a mile away :(
What skill do you run?
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