Super rush Headlong

So what determines the surviving monster if both players activate the spell?


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As I know the the pleyer whose turn is active has priority in that case, the card activation order does not matter here. So the attacking monster should survive, and the defendig monster is destroyed by card effect.
both survive, the card reads that the monster cant be destroyed by the declared type. so if both use the spell, both survive the attack.
The attacking player gets the advantage. Turn player effects always activate first.

Super Rush Headlong activates twice. The initial activation targets a monster which in turn starts a chain. The second activation where it destroys a monster does not initiate a chain. The turn player effects always activate first. Therefore the attacked monster is destroyed and attacking monster wins.
It's the last chain link (or second Super Rush activated), as it will activate first (as chain link 2) and destroy the monster before the first chain link of Rush goes through, leaving the first with no target and unable to activate.
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Turn player wins
whoever chains last
the last card in the chain wins... the turn-player attacks first(with headlong) and/but thats why its get effectedy by the second headlong first befor the defend player would get hit with the effect...
Player who actived the last spell, she/he is the winner
Attacking monster win.

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Sure. Glad that I could help you!
What's the f- point of having a xyz archetype without xyz...
It would have, but Blast Held's anime variant had a different effect.
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